We offer various unique packages for your wedding day.

All Inclusive Package

Ideal 60-120 guests

One-stop wedding packages that includes:
- Flowers and décor
- Photographer
- Cake
- Make-up and hair
- In-House DJ
- Traditional three course buffet menu

Venue Inclusive Package

Ideal 60-120 guests

Value for money, including all the basics you need from a venue, as well as inhouse DJ and Florist [ Lily Grace ] and allows the bride and groom to choose their own outside vendors.

Sunday - Thursday Package

Ideal 60-120 guests

We build packages according to your need.

Lily Grace

Lily Grace is a hands on flower and décor specialist waiting to transform your big day into one better than your dreams.

We have the passion and experience you need to walk the road with you through the planning stages, down the aisle and into the reception of your dreams.

Should one of our packages align with what you are looking for in a venue, we would love to have you for a visualization tour.

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